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Journal of Translational Science


A review of GOLPH2, an oncogenic protein

and novel therapeutic options for GOLPH2 driven tumors

Yang Liu, Heike Liewen, Norbert Markuly and Frank Stenner

Witterswil and Basel, Switzerland

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European Antibody Congress 2019

Egotumab, a human  antibody targeting GOLPH2 in colorectal cancer was presented at the European Antibody Congress 2019 in Basel, Switzerland.

3rd Annual Next Gen Immune-Oncology Congress 2019
Egotumab, a human antibody against colorectal cancer, was presented at the Poster Session on 15.03.2019 in London, UK.

European Antibody Congress 2018

Egotumab, a human antibody against colorectal cancer, was presented in a keynote lecture on Wednesday 31.10.2018 in Basel, Switzerland.

BaseLaunch selected CUREAB for phase I of its accelerator program in 2018